Let’s talk about the moment we give birth, and how our lives suddenly aren’t all about us anymore. How is it that when we become mothers, we bring little humans into this world, and yet, we feel more alone than ever? Yes, physical exhaustion is tedious and relentless, but nothing feels heavier then the mental load of motherhood. Oh, let’s not forget everything else where we’re expected to be killing it.  Wait, and i'm supposed to have my OWN personal goals on top of that?  Well, damn.

Sooo… is your thought process anything like that? If what I mentioned above resonates with you, then come on in, mama. We need to talk.

Mamas, it is my pleasure to introduce to you A MOTHER’S EVOLUTION! A 10-week program where you bring the spotlight back to you. Remember who is in charge! During the course of this program, we’ll be meeting once a week, for 1 ½ - 2 hrs each time.

Here are the three key components we will be focusing on:



Mama, you are not alone. Lemme say that one more time- you are not alone! The beauty of group coaching is that it allows you to hear from other mothers, just like you, how they too, have their own personal struggles. This is a safe space to express yourself, be vulnerable, and connect. In this process, you begin to let out that long awaited exhale. When we normalize our feelings, we slowly begin to connect with, and honor ourselves.


  1. LET GO 

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. I think this is something we can all agree on. These little beings we have brought into the world have pushed us beyond measure. So, is it normal to feel like we’re failing? YES! Is it ok to accept that? NO!

You may feel like you are barely surviving sometimes, and that's ok! What's not ok is beating yourself up for it. Maybe you think that you deserve to struggle because of something from your past, or perhaps you find yourself comparing your life to other moms. This is where we let go of those limiting beliefs- those thoughts that bring us down a dark spiral. Together, we will acknowledge these thoughts and emotions, then set them free.


Let's face it. Juggling motherhood, home life, relationships, and work is already a struggle. On top of that, life keeps throwing us a crazy amount of curve balls (hello 2020)! How the hell are we expected to have personal goals?? Do I still even know myself enough to have personal goals?

Here is where I tell you, you can, and should have personal goals! This is where we begin to add the tools and structure you may or may not know you need. We work towards restructuring and reframing. I’m not here to add to your plate so you end up feeling completely overwhelmed. As a team, we practice remembering what feels good, and learn how to understand your emotions on a deeper level. We build on your goals without compromising your time with your family.

Are you ready to join A MOTHER’S EVOLUTION? If so, be ready. Because this is where the magic happens! Well, not that kind of magic. You’ve already done that part.

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