A few years later, I made a huge leap and moved to my motherland. Manila became my home. This is where my insecure, young adult version showed up. She is the persona I feel for the most. I was lost, and recklessly wrapped up my wounds with the nightlife.

 I found comfort in drinking, and consolation in toxic relationships. Thankfully, I also formed solid friendships that were vital in seeing me through.

These were some of my darkest days, and a turning point in my life. I will always have a soft spot for that version of me. As I grew into my mid 20’s, I began to leave my toxic lifestyle, and found genuine love in meeting the man I now call my husband. As great as that sounds, the universe was quick to let me know that my journey towards self discovery was still in full effect. I was very much in love, and eventually found myself very much pregnant. Which brings us to early

motherhood. Wow. What a journey that was! It was this stage of my life that forced me to break out of everything that I felt was stifling my potential. After all the blaming, pointing fingers, and questioning, “Why me?”, I came to realize that the only person holding me back, after all these years, was ME. This was the moment where the real work began. I went ahead and let go of my self-doubt, and started moving the way I felt was right for me. At times, I was very wrong, and other times, I was absolutely right. I worked in corporate and HATED IT! My attempt at being a SAHM was just that, an attempt. None of it was working for me. I went with my gut and put everything I had into an idea, which set off my journey in business- and I felt like I had finally found myself.

Today, I embrace every single version of myself that got me to this place, exactly where I am now. All the pain, the anger, and the lessons served a purpose to help me understand myself better, and more importantly, grow. As much as there were trials, there were also a whole bunch of beautiful moments in every phase of my life, but I wanted to highlight the times that pushed me beyond my comfort zone.

Every transition I experienced has led me to this space, where I am able to help guide mothers just like you. Whether it be finding the courage to start a business, reconnecting with yourself because you feel lost and confused, or simply just… well, life. I am here to help. You wanna know what it took for me to get here? Evolution. I am constantly evolving, and so are you. That about wraps up my journey, in a nutshell.

So, are you ready to alter that hat?