I didn’t know what to expect when joining AME. I don’t really know the true reason why I did either but something inside me told me, “fuck it.” I’m so glad I listened. Not only did I find my better self, I appreciated the journey to get there, taking in all the good, bad and ugly of it. It was that journey that did it for me. Krystle and my AME sisters gave me the courage to open up and be true to myself and my wounds, things I’ve never done before. But my most favorite thing of all - an unreal bond with these women that is irreplaceable. We laughed, we cried, we listened, we were vulnerable and we grew together.

You don’t “fix” yourself over night, it’s a process. AME gives you the right tools to be a better you and that’ll stay with me, always.


- Vanessa Cruzada


After years of therapy, counseling, and personal development seminars, I've always felt that there was something missing in my mental health and well-being journey. I had asked about life coaching in the past but somehow it didn't seem to fit. Then I met Krystle. In casual conversation, you can see how insightful and observant she is. When she introduced me to AME, I knew I had to join. I had considered life coaching in the past but her group setup was not something I had not seen before. It made the journey seem more interesting, knowing I would be with other women going through similar things.

I looked forward to each session. Our AME group was our safe space. A place where we could shed all our defenses and reveal our inner selves. To connect to who we are, not just as mothers, but as individuals. We dug deep into our past, opened old wounds, identified our patterns, and set goals. Krystle heard past the words; guiding us into perspectives we had not examined, affirming what we didn't realize we already knew. Her unbiased perspective helped us see past the harsh judgements we women tend to place on ourselves and those self defeating thought patterns.. Through the group, we were able to see the women we are; our strengths and the areas where we can challenge ourselves and grow. I learned so much from how she guided the other women in our group as well, taking mental notes (or actual notes), as they spoke. Though we were on different paths and facing different challenges; Krystle seemed to be able to speak to one person's story, while also addressing a common theme among the group.

Krystle helped me be more mindful and aware of my patterns. She's equipped me with tools to get me through the hills, valleys in my journey to become the best version of myself. I am very grateful to Krystle and my AME experience.


- Kisa Camua


While going through the difficulties of searching for a therapist to help me sort through a few issues, I started following Krystal’s journey growing AME and was a bit sad that I didn’t sign up in the first round. So when I saw that Krystal was opening up a new session of AME, I immediately jumped on it. Being able to connect, spend time and share with these beautiful ladies and mothers who are going through different stages in their lives has been so amazing.  To walk along side each other through our journeys has been one of the best things I have done for myself in quite a while. Thank you Krystal and AME. Love you all!


- Janice De Castro


AME helped me to let go of toxic emotions that I’ve been holding onto for far too long. Krystle asks the hard, but necessary questions, in order for you to get real with yourself. I had this mindset of ignoring my emotional scars in hopes that they would just disappear. And of course, this was so not the case.


AME helped me to confront my traumas and limiting beliefs, to work through them, and gave me the confidence to heal. Being the introvert that I am, I was hesitant to join AME and share my story in a group setting. But Krystle gave us a safe space to be vulnerable and come to terms with our truth. I am forever grateful for my AME sisters. I would not have been able to get through this without you gals. This experience has bonded us for life.

AME has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Thank you Krystle for your openness, your support, and for guiding me on my journey to become the best version of myself. You are truly a gem!


- Desiree Heres


Krystle’s transformation group, A Mother’s Evolution has shown me a-lot about myself and also has helped me show my emotions more since I tend to hide or not show them. This transformation has made me think deeper about the root of my problems, where they stem from and how I can change it. I loved going to our weekly check-in’s and looked forward to our talks every week. I am glad I joined and wish it never ended, it was nice having another group of women and moms who have similar problems and also open themselves up to Krystle. She has helped transform all of us in our own unique way. I recommend jointing her transformation group, it’s worth the time and the investment in yourself!


- Tia Aquino

Being quarantined at home started taking a toll on me mentally and emotionally, even as a “stay at home” mom. Thoughts of past struggles, events, and “why is this still bothering me” kept occupying my mind. I was lucky enough to have some 1 on 1 sessions with Krystle which really helped me start digging out of my hole.

She told me about “A Mother’s Evolution” so I decided it would also be helpful.
I was a little terrified to not really know what to expect, but there was a true beauty in that. It was nice to be a part of a group with a lot of different struggles, but also some similar ones. Digging deep was scary and uncomfortable, but truly freeing. Krystle does such a great job guiding and helping dig further while also making it comfortable and safe to share. This group has helped me gain confidence, let go of things, and realize how much I’ve grown already.

A Mother’s Evolution was definitely a safe place to unwind. I felt like it was my weekly happy hour for my soul. I left every session feeling empowered and in awe and ready to work more on myself. It has kickstarted me working to get where I want to be as a person, a spouse and a mother.

I’m truly blessed to have been a part of this #bayareaconnect AME group and witness us all go and grow through this journey. I’m forever grateful that I’ve crossed paths with these other mamas and to have experienced this together. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. It was just what I needed without even knowing it. I would 100% recommend it to all my mama friends.


- Geli Jasmin


I have homegirls that hear me out. I've gone through a therapist, group therapy and talk therapy. There came a point in my journey that I didn't fit with my Kaiser therapist anymore. It wasn't customized to me. If there is something I learned from my first marriage, it was to not put up with the bullshit. I felt like we kept going through the same series of questions. There was also a huge disconnect and cultural barrier that makes up the majority of my DNA mentally. That was not being addressed. I wanted to find a newer approach to how I was going to navigate my journey. I wanted to evolve from the typical therapy session. I also found it more motivating to share with other women who understood my cultural stigmas/mama stigmas I was struggling with. Mental health has become such a huge part of my journey and part of what has been helping me understand other people and women around me. I needed to find someone who understood that. Covid hit and there were no more in person sessions. So we all took to social media. HERE COMES KRYSTLE. I originally found her through a mutual friend's IG post. Something that hooked me was how she was from the BAY. Kept seeing things that caught my interest so I followed her (@krystledizondehesa and @viragosoul). I saw her post about AME and DM'd our mutual friend "so who is she, do I know her" - trying to figure out the vibe she was about. Long story short, we set up our consultation and spoke about where I wanted to be (not there yet), goals I had for myself, life/family/work/kids/baby daddy struggles and then all is history. She made me speak on things I don't like to share. And if you know me, I'm the best at putting up a front. It was always easy for me to play BIG & BOLD but I felt the ability to bear my naked truth and fear nothing through the exercises we did with AME. I even gained more perspective. I found community through other sisters/kasamas who are fighting different levels of battle. I found beauty in it all. There is a saying from Maya Angelou that resonates with me, in reflection to how Krys impacted my life during our time together: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel", she did that for me. She made me feel. I always feel because I am so align with everyone's emotions but she made me feel JUST FOR ME. Not selfishly but just for me. I'm still feeling residuals of our past sessions. I wish to search for me in all my different aspects of victories and struggles in life. I hope you will love yourself to work on the most important relationship you should ever have - Because I want to continue to learn to love Me, Myself and I!

Let Krystle make this impact and jumpstart your journey!


- Michelle Protacio


Self-care has been a huge topic in everyone’s mind especially this past year. Transitioning to a mother of two under two, who suffers from postpartum depression and anxiety, on top of this crazy world we live in, I knew I needed something more to help me through.

I was hesitant and nervous to join A Mother’s Evolution, fearing judgment from others, and the uncertainty of what I would really get out of group coaching. But I can honestly say that going through this journey was one of the best choices I have made for MYSELF. Krystle was able to create a safe space for all of us as we opened up to dig deeper within ourselves.

Each session was hard work but I came out of them feeling more confident, inspired, and motivated. Krystle would guide me through some of the hardest things I never wanted to deal with. She helped me see my worth and not question it. I am still evolving into the person I am meant to be but with her support I know now where to focus my energy, how to set boundaries, set goals, schedule/plan, and keep things in perspective. Not only did these sessions help me for me, but I was introduced to three other strong and beautiful women. They not only listened with open hearts, but also showed courage, being vulnerable together, sharing their stories. It was also refreshing being able to understand each other going through the emotional journey of motherhood.

I will miss our weekly sessions, our shared tears, laughs, and holding each other accountable. Truly grateful for AME, this was what I’ve been needing. Thank you Krystle for giving me this space, for showing up for us, for your heart, love, and your time.


 - Grace Lilette Chin


I’m honestly going to miss these weekly sessions so much. These sessions kept me grounded, focused, and moving forward in thoughtful, conscious way in a time I needed it most.  

During our time together Krystle gave me guidance, support, and space to work through some of the biggest obstacles that were holding me back in my life. She elevated me by allowing me to be my true self in front of her without judgment. I’m already a confident, conscious and introspective person, but Krystle took it to a new level and showed me how to get to the root of what was holding me back. These sessions kept me grounded, focused, and moving forward in thoughtful, conscious way in a time I needed it most.

I went into these sessions lost and unsure and came out of them brave and clear. Before we started coaching, I was looking for a way out of my job that was not fulfilling me and I was so afraid of taking the steps to make that happen. Now, three months later, I am getting ready to quit my job and dive full force into a business I’m super passionate about. Thanks to my time with Krystle, I’m motivated, aware, and have a set of rituals and practices I can go back to to keep myself centered and focused. My time with Krystle truly changed my perspective on how easy it is to live the life of my dreams and do it in a conscious, intentional way.

You’re such an inspiration and a role model for all the badass boss babe mamas out there. I know I’ll be looking back on this time always!

I’m so grateful for the time, space, and energy you’ve given me, Krystle! So thankful for you!


- Taylor Amethyst


I had the opportunity to join the Mother’s Evolution group with the guidance of Krystle and support of women from different cities (and countries), all in varying stages of motherhood. 

Initially, I was apprehensive of joining a coaching group simply because of ego, questioning the true depth of the support I’d receive. Within the first few minutes of our group sessions, Krystle was able to create a safe and calm environment, allowing each of us moms to share our stories, experiences and questions with trust. Krystle is a great facilitator in leading groups and coaching. She has a natural ability of asking the right questions, enabling one to think and evaluate. Not only does Krystle teach well, but it is evident that she is passionate about what she does, and invests in each of us with encouragement and genuine support. 

I’ve personally been on a journey of moving forward with my dreams and goals, all while caring for my family. It has been a lot of trial and lessons and with Krystle’s coaching (and seeing her live out her dreams), I began to feel an increase in my confidence; seeing that all is possible given strategies and the right environment to thrive. With encouragement and accountability, I’ve begun the process for my new project, set to launch by early fall. I’m super excited about it and nervous all at the same time, but I’m taking all that I’ve learned from our sessions and new found friendships to see me through. 

Krystle, I’m grateful for your outpouring of love, kindness, time and energy. I’m proud of you for all the amazing and life-changing work you’re doing, all while being a dope mama and wife. You’re truly an inspiration to me and many others and this is just the beginning! 

- Karen Domingo//@KarenSundays


Having Krystle as my life coach has been THE BIGGEST game changer for me. EVER!  She really listens with her heart. What I mean by that is, she is so passionate about her work and compassionate about understanding the emotions, the pain, the struggles and situations you’re coming from. She not only helps you really remember who you are, but puts you in that head space of seeing what you’re very capable of evolving into.  

Originally I came to her for execution and consistency.  I thought I already dug deep into certain things, by journaling, reading, watching documentaries etc. BUT, I was wrong. Krystle made me dig even deeper! She took me to a place where I needed to revisit certain things, re-wire the way I thought about myself and understand everything from a different narrative. Which I was always aware of and addressed, but she made me understand them and deal with them. Deal and understand them from a WOMANS and MOTHERS perspective/narrative. Not from an old conditioned, limiting belief perspective. 

I’ve been seeing Krystle for almost 4 months now, and there are 4 major things that stood out for me. Which are:  boundaries, changing the narrative, celebrating your small wins and really evaluating where your thoughts are coming from. These are just a few things that she has taught me to do consistently, to get me to the bigger end goal(s). Krystle has really held me accountable for executing everything I came to her for. 

There have been Therapists I’ve seen before and I always held back or didn’t like my experience. I never left feeling good about myself and I never followed through. In these past 4 months, Krystle has guided me into a higher version of myself, has really really pushed me to step into my power. Or her words “a bad b****!” She even got me on a strict consistent morning routine! If you know me, you know how huge that is for me! 

I’m so very grateful for her for being the guiding light in my life that I’ve been needing. l’m so grateful for her helping myself and others being the best versions of ourselves. I feel like that’s her mission. To help us Women and Mother’s be better, so we can transfer all of this to our little girls. Not verbally - but by example! 

- Tiffany Alejandro // @anyffit

Krystle's A Mother's Evolution group was an impactful experience that I am so grateful to have been apart of. It gave me a safe and supportive space with other motivated mothers, to grow, be vulnerable, and work through obstacles that I was experiencing internally and externally.  
Of course growth is a forever journey, but looking back to how much I have grown from before I started the coaching calls to now, is just amazing to say to the least. My intention for doing these calls was to have help finding balance between being a mom and entreupreuneur, and overall to help get my schedule back on track. Krystle gave us the tools to become aware of limiting beliefs, emotional states, and she always assured us that wherever we were in life, it was exactly where we needed to be. 
Krystle is such a genuine person who truly wants to help ALL mamas elevate no matter what phase they are in, and I am beyond blessed to have worked with her!

- Jasmin Bersamin // @holisticjazzz